Antonio Moreta

Hola! Welcome to my personal web page! My name is Antonio Moreta. I am a PhD student in Accounting and Finance at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). As I near the completion of my doctoral program, I am thrilled to announce that I will be entering the job market this year, actively seeking new opportunities, and making myself available for job interviews.


Research Visit, 2023

Emory University, Goizueta Business School

Research Visit, 2021-2023

Central Bank of Spain

Master in Business and Finance, 2020

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Research Interests


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference"

Robert Frost


Working Papers

Solo Authored

Job Market Paper

This paper studies the effect of reporting regulation on private firms’ bank credit, an overlooked aspect in the literature. I exploit the unique features of the Spanish institutional setting to extract quasi-exogenous variation in reporting regulation while setting fixed the effects of the auditing regulation. Using a fuzzy regression discontinuity design, as well as a difference-in-difference approach, I find that private firms subject to incremental reporting regulation have more bank credit. Empirical evidence is consistent with this result being driven by an increase in banking competition. Additional analyses suggest that reporting regulation results in a substitution between bank credit and alternative financing sources.

Firms' Financial Reporting Quality and Banks' Shock Transmission

Joint with Alejandro Casado, Nadia Lavín, David Martínez-Miera and Irene Pablos

We highlight the role of firms’ financial reporting quality in the transmission of bank credit supply shocks to the economy. We exploit a large dataset of all corporate loans in Spain over 2009-2019 which allows us to identify firm-year bank credit supply shocks by accounting for time-varying firm heterogeneity in loan demand. We find that after an adverse bank credit supply shock, firms with lower financial reporting quality experience a sharper contraction in bank credit compared to firms with higher financial reporting quality. Further, such firms are unable to fully substitute the additional drop in bank credit with alternative financing sources, resulting in a higher decrease in their investment and asset growth. These results are amplified for financially constrained firms. Our findings suggest that financial reporting quality is related to lower information frictions between firms and capital providers.


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Fall Term 2022

Introduction to Accounting

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Financial Economics

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Financial Economics

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Financial Economics

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"Antonio is an incredible teacher. He explains very well. He teaches us how to apply everything to real life and he is also very close to the students, putting himself in our place. I wish there were more teachers like him."
Fall Term, 2020
"I think he is the perfect teacher for university, as he not only explains the exercises perfectly but also gives quite a few examples of real life practices, which helps considerably to be able to visualize the function of the subject."
Fall Term, 2020
"Awesome teacher. He explains the content of all the classes in a clear way. He solves the doubts at the moment dedicating all the time that is necessary for it. In addition, he understands perfectly the key points in which we may have problems and explains them thoroughly. You learn a lot in his classes."
Fall Term, 2021
"The best teacher in the world."
Fall Term, 2022
"He is a great teacher. The explanations are very clear and he cares about his students understanding the lessons."
Fall Term, 2021
"We could not be more grateful for the involvement of this professor."
Fall Term, 2021
"It's nice to go to college with a teacher who motivates you and helps you for the future work, very good advice. It is a pity that his classes are over."
Fall Term, 2021
"One of the best teachers. Very dedicated to his students understanding the subject in the best way."
Fall Term, 2019
"The classes were amazing. Very engaging and interesting. One of the best professors I've ever had"
Fall Term, 2021